Oklahoma incarcerates more women per capita than any other state in the nation.  ReMerge is an alternative to incarceration that keeps women in the community and out of prison, offering a life-changing opportunity for them and their families.


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To restore mothers and families through a comprehensive diversion program of treatment, recovery, and hope.



In August 2010, the Inasmuch Foundation and United Way of Central Oklahoma gathered a small group of thoughtful committed citizens to address the rate at which we incarcerate women in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma County Collaborative included members of over 25 nonprofits, community funders, and government agencies. A year later ReMerge was born.


Intergenerational cycles of incarceration, addiction, and poverty no longer exist.




When alternatives to incarceration are offered that include evidence-based treatment and removal of barriers, mothers can become productive citizens, capable of caring for themselves and their children and leading a crime free future, thus breaking the intergenerational cycle of incarceration and poverty.

For around the same annual cost of incarceration, ReMerge is able to provide comprehensive services that result in lower recidivism, higher rates of family reunification, and long-term success within the community.

Meet Sharee!

“Today I stand before you, whole, grateful, joyous and free. And although it’s a lifelong disease, I will continue to fight using all of the tools I’ve learned on my journey.


I am a wonderful mother to my 1 year old child and because of the chance I have been gifted with, she will never have to know what it feels like when mommy doesn’t fight for her.


Thank you for my chance, for my daughter, for my life.”